What is koseisouhatsu Data Sharing Platform?

How does "individuality" emerge? Our "koseisouhatsu" project will drive integrative research toward elucidation of generative brain systems for individuality. This platform is intended to internationally share the data regarding this project, and currently supports mouse ultrasonic vocalisation (USV) data with the meta data of experiments. This platform also allows researchers to easily share the data with mouseTube(*) and with RIKEN MetaDatabase(**). RDF version of this platform is available here.
* mouseTube (https://mousetube.pasteur.fr/) is a web application of Institute Pasteur, that allows the exchange of mouse vocalisation recording files.
** RIKEN MetaDatabase (https://metadb.riken.jp/) is a RIKEN's portal site to provide information on RIKEN's various life science databases.
Vocal Communication Japan (https://sites.google.com/view/vocalcommuj/home) is a voluntary community for people in research fields of mice vocalization and songbird and so on, in Japan. After closing "koseisouhatsu” project, Vocal Communication Japan manage this Data Sharing Platform.


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Contact address data-share@koseisouhatsu.jp

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